World Buyers Butterfly Collection | 15-Piece
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Butterfly Collection | 15-Piece

• Museum Quality Specimens May Vary
• Set of 15 Butterflies
• 10" x 20.75" 
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These insect collections are not only thought-provoking upon sight, but also in the way they were created.

In developing nations, local citizens forage indigenous insects having died of natural causes to trade around the world as a means of commerce, avoiding the destruction of non-renewable or endangered resources.

Our favorite detail is the scientific name under each insect, making these pieces educational by nature (pun intended).

These collections can spice up a sophisticated gallery wall, add a punch to a boy's room, or be used for teaching materials in a school classroom (one of our owners used these in her homeschool room with her three kids). 

Nature wins the design award, yet again.


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