Zippered Snack Bags | "Dog Park"

• Set of 2
• 7.5 x 7.25 x 0.2"
• 100% Cotton
• Food-Safe Polyester Lining
• Machine wash cold, hang to dry
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This family-friendly portable food bag with appetizing graphics will be the talk of the lunchroom.

Zippered snack bags are the perfect waste-free replacement for disposable plastic bags.

Reusable and food-safe, they keep snacks tidy and tasty.

• Playful puppos gather ‘round for lunch to chatter about the day’s happenings. The group consensus is zero-waste snack bags are paws-itively in right now. No bones about it, this collection is sure to please any canine friend.

IMPACT FACT - A percentage of the profit on the sales of Now Designs product lines go to Education without Borders. The objective of the foundation is to foster educational opportunities and provide educational facilities in disadvantaged regions of the world.

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