Bath Set | Lavender Citrus/Matcha Mint Salts

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This Dual Bath Salt Set allows you to customize your own blend of scents and usage amounts. Indulge yourself with a couple scoops of the Lavender Citrus, or detoxify with the refreshing Matcha Mint. Blend the two scents to create your own customized bath experience.

The bath salt is 100% natural and scented with essential oils. Treat your mind and body to a relaxing bath experience and rest assured that you are bathing in all clean ingredients.

The set includes a wooden spoon, two glass jars, a bamboo tray and 10 oz. of product.

TIP: Reuse the glass jars as storage or spice jars, and the wooden spoon as a coffee spoon!

Ingredients: Epsom salts, sea salts, essential oils, aloe vera leaf powder, matcha powder, coconut oil, citric acid, and natural clay


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