Beer Biscuits | Peanut Butter | 12oz Tub

Small Batch
Women Owned
Partners with Local Breweries
Made in Kansas City, MO
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These delicious, peanut buttery biscuits won’t get your dog drunk — but they will get him buzzing with excitement!

Beer Biscuits are high-protein, high-fiber, low-fat treats, made by hand in small batches. The key ingredient is recycled barley and other grains from craft beer makers.

These addictive treats are now available in fun 12-oz tubs. This packaging is 100% recyclable, but it's so durable and cute, we think you'll want to reuse it.

Other Ingredients:

Recycled brewer’s grains
Enriched flour
Peanut butter

Beer Paws Beer Biscuits contain no soy, hops or preservatives.

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