Book | Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity

• Reading age 7-11 years
• Grade level 2-6
• Hardcover, 64 pages
• Large format 11 x 0.55 x 15"
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Understand how Einstein came to write the most famous equation in history and see how the world was changed forever.

Broken into 10 bite-sized chapters, this step-by-step journey through Einstein's mind takes his original manuscripts and makes them accessible to budding scientists everywhere.

James Weston-Lewis's detailed illustrations help readers understand the concepts. The shading and dimensionality are cleanly constructed through a bold yellow and purple color scheme, featuring strong lines and layering similar to woodcut printmaking.

A table of contents and a glossary complete the chronological explanation of Einstein's discoveries.

VERDICT: An engaging, impressively illustrated title for middle and high school students who want to understand Einstein's theory of relativity and the complexities of his discoveries.

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