Book | Dogology: Weird & Wonderful Science of Dogs

• 160 Pages
• Softcover
• 5.45 x 0.95 x 7.55 inches
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Dogology explores the bizarre and very funny world of canine science.

Vital Questions Answered Include:

• Why do dogs fart (but cats don't)?

• Do dogs feel guilt, love, happiness or jealousy?

• What does it mean when a dog wags its tail more to the right or the left?

• Why do dogs poo with their bodies aligned north-to-south?

• Do dogs dream? If so, what about?

• How do dogs smell epilepsy, cancer and human sadness?

• How many hairs are there on your dog?

• What does your dog hear when you talk?
Packed with fascinating facts, quirky scientific revelations and weird stories about our furry friends, Dogology offers a secret glimpse inside the canine body and mind.
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