Book | Finding Muchness

• Hardcover
• 8.25″W x 8.625″H
• 48 Pages
• Printed on FSC®-MIX paper w/ soy inks
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How to Add More Life to Life - Written by Kobi Yamada
 and Illustrated by Charles Santoso.

What is muchness? And how do you find it? Muchness is the full-hearted abundance of hope, joy, and imagination that each of us are born with.

Over time, our doubts and fears have a way of growing with us. And because of this, we can lose much of our "muchness."

Following the insights of an adorable duckling, this little book full of wisdom and wonder is all about rediscovering it again.

It’s an encouraging invitation to live bravely, care deeply, and get the most out of every one of your moments.

• Written by the author of the New York Times best-selling book What Do You Do With an Idea?
• Offers life lessons on heart-led living you’ll want to share
• Sophisticated illustrations spark childlike wonder for readers of all ages
• A thoughtful gift for a birthday, graduation, new venture, retirement, or life transition


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