Book | This Book Is Anti-Racist

Author: Tiffany Jewell
Illustrated by: Aurelia Durand
Format: Paperback / softback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9780711245211
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books
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Who are you? What is racism? Where does it come from? Why does it exist? What can you do to disrupt it?

Learn about social identities, the history of racism and resistance against it, and how you can use your anti-racist lens and voice to move the world toward equity and liberation. 

“In a racist society, it’s not enough to be non-racist—we must be ANTI-RACIST.” —Angela Davis

Gain a deeper understanding of your anti-racist self as you progress through 20 chapters that spark introspection, reveal the origins of racism that we are still experiencing, and give you the courage and power to undo it.

Each chapter builds on the previous one as you learn more about yourself and racial oppression. 20 activities get you thinking and help you grow with the knowledge. All you need is a pen and paper.

This book is written for EVERYONE who lives in this racialized society—including the young person who doesn’t know how to speak up to the adults in their life, the kid who has been lost at times trying to fit into the dominant culture, and the children who have been harmed because no one stood up for them or they couldn’t stand up for themselves.

With this book, be empowered to actively defy racism and xenophobia to create a community (large and small) that truly honors everyone.

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