Mortar & Pestle | 4" Volcanic Stone "Molcajete"

• 4 x 2 inches
• Handmade by Mexican artisans
• Volcanic stone
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Molcajete is a special tool that has been used for more than 5,000 years. The Molcajete is the preferred tool for grinding spices, preparing guacamole, and transforming chile into the most diverse and exquisite salsa.

The Molcajete made of volcanic rock is also a powerful icon reminding us of the natural richness of Mexico, and its hand carved contours remind us of the skillful work of the ingenious craftsmen.

Warm Water: After each use, thoroughly rinse your mortar and pestle with warm water. Repeat a couple of times.
Never, Ever Use Soap: You know how you should never use soap to clean a cast-iron skillet? The same applies to this type of mortar and pestle. The porous volcanic rock has little holes that will trap the scent and taste of soap.
The Only Tool You Need: A firm and clean kitchen brush is a rock mortar and pestle's best friend. Purchase a brush that you use only on your molcajete, this way you ensure that no soap will contaminate it.
Air Dry: It is very important that your mortar and pestle be completely dry before putting it away. If you don't empty, properly rinse, and thoroughly dry the molcajete, it could attract mold. After cleaning it, use a towel to blot excess water off the surface. Flip it upside down, then right side up, and repeat if needed to ensure even air drying. 

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