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"Spark" Box Set
Motivational Prompts
For Gifting or Self-Help
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50 Ways to Thrive and Achieve

Slide open the shimmering foil box to reveal 50 faux matchstick prompts. The eye-catching packaging makes this a beautiful, unique gift for recent grads, people in job transitions, entrepreneurial spirits, or creative types.

Everyone's version of success will be different. Whether it's advancing in your career, attaining a big life goal, or starting fresh in a new endeavor, the prompts inside the box offer clever ways to find your own personal success.

Sample prompts:
      When have you felt most successful? Recreate those conditions.
      Be brave: Ask for something, even if you think you won't get it.
      Create a vision board that depicts the life of your dreams.
      Try doing the most challenging thing first rather than the easy one.

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