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Brie Baker | Stoneware

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WHITE 3 PIECE SET: The handled base allows for safe and easy food transport from the kitchen to the table. The 7-inch diameter 2 ½ inch thick lid traps heat and moisture whether during the cooking process or after it when you need to keep the contents at temperature. The final piece to the set is a 6-inch wooden spatula for assistance when serving warm and gooey cheese or dip.

MULTIPLE USES: The different types of appetizers, entrees, and condiments usable with our stoneware set is limited only to your imagination. Warm up your preferred Brie cheese topped with healthy fruit and nut toppings or fire up your favorite homemade bean and cheese dip recipe for the next family event.t.

MICROWAVE & DISHWASHER SAFE: The stoneware pieces were engineered to be both microwave and dishwasher safe making for an extremely effortless cleanup after hosting events. Please avoid using the stoneware on the stovetop and do not place it in the refrigerator. The wooden spatula is recommended to be hand washed.

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