Brooch Pin | Feather

• Material: Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads
• Hand embroidered

• Women owned atelier
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Blue Bird - 2.6” l x 1” w - Rocky mountain ranges with sparkling waters are an everyday sight for this blue beauty. With a distinct song on its beak, it perches high and locates its favorite food – small fruits topped with a sprinkle of bugs.

Blue Jay - 3.4” l x 1.7” w - The feathers of the Blue Jay are not really blue. The color is just a trick of the light! The pigment cancels out all other wave lengths except the ones we see and everything else is absorbed by the melanin under it. In reality, the Blue Jay is actually black.

Lovebird - 3.2" l x .6" w - One of the smallest parrot species, lovebirds are extremely active yet hardly ever talk. They are caught feeding each other and hence the name ’Lovebirds’.

NATURE INSPIRED: The precise choice of materials, colors and techniques create organic textures that give these designs a precious 'lifelike' quality. Featuring flora and fauna of this wonderful world, its brilliant colors, complex textures and delicate forms, these designs are a homage to the infinite beauty that surrounds us.

 These handcrafted brooch pins are like little pieces of art. Mini-sculptures, perched only a few inches, that serve as markers in your journey of memories, a signature of your style.  

ARTISANAL WORKSHOP: Handmade in small batches by skilled artisans with love and care. Registered workplace follows ethical fair trade practices, providing Indian artisans above the age of 18 with a safe environment, fair wages, social security welfare, and healthcare benefits.

DESIGN JOURNEY: Beginning with sketches that are carefully illustrated to incorporate simple and complex materials, a small brooch pin is created with over 30 unique items. This layering gives a mesmerizing dimension as multiple techniques come together reflecting a love for the handmade.


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