Trovelore Brooch Pin | Tiger Honor Medal Trovelore Brooch Pin | Tiger Honor Medal
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Brooch Pin | Tiger Honor Medal

• Size: 2.4” L x 1.5” W
• Material: Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads
• Hand embroidered

• Women owned atelier
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With a roar that can be heard two miles away, these endangered animals are the largest in the cat species with males reaching a weight of 660 pounds. The unique all-over stripes are never alike for any two tigers, just like fingerprints. These ambush predators are expert swimmers and skilled stalkers with excellent night vision but still have a strike rate of only one in 15 attempts.

NATURE INSPIRED: The precise choice of materials, colors and techniques create organic textures that give these designs a precious 'lifelike' quality. Featuring flora and fauna of this wonderful world, its brilliant colors, complex textures and delicate forms, these designs are a homage to the infinite beauty that surrounds us.

 These handcrafted brooch pins are like little pieces of art. Mini-sculptures, perched only a few inches, that serve as markers in your journey of memories, a signature of your style.  

ARTISANAL WORKSHOP: Handmade in small batches by skilled artisans with love and care. Registered workplace follows ethical fair trade practices, providing Indian artisans above the age of 18 with a safe environment, fair wages, social security welfare, and healthcare benefits.

DESIGN JOURNEY: Beginning with sketches that are carefully illustrated to incorporate simple and complex materials, a small brooch pin is created with over 30 unique items. This layering gives a mesmerizing dimension as multiple techniques come together reflecting a love for the handmade.


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