Ranger Station Candle | Rocks Glass | Old Fashioned Ranger Station Candle | Rocks Glass | Old Fashioned
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Candle | Rocks Glass | Old Fashioned

• Oak Barrels + Demerara Sugar + Lemon + Orange
• 8 oz. Premium Soy Wax Blend
• Poured & Packaged by Hand in Nashville, TN
• 30+ Hour Burn Time
• Paired w/ Matches + Cocktail Recipe
• 4" L x 4" W x 4" H
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A love letter to the iconic simplicity of the classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned is a lesson in balance.

The floral zest of orange citrus adds tang to the earthy sweetness of Demerara brown sugar, and the toasted-oak smoothness of barrel aged bourbon has just enough bite to build a deceptively complex, layered fragrance.

Imagine Don Draper’s mid-century New York apartment, or the dimly-lit bar down the street with leather bar stools and no televisions. It’s the solid clink of ice in the glass, the citrus twist -- it’s too original to be replaced.

Candles to Cocktails - 8 oz glass candles are hand poured into cocktail glasses. Here's how to transform them:
• Place candle in freezer overnight.
• Run hot tap water over wax to loosen and then remove with wooden utensil.
• Remove wick tabs from base of glass. If they do not remove easily, fill the glass with warm water and let them soak.
• Clean out glass with soap and water.
• Pour your drink of choice and say 'cheers'.


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