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Made with 100% American grown soy, poured and assembled in Oklahoma.

Phthalate free, natural fragrance oils.

Comes in a 10.5 oz whiskey tumbler glass. 

10% of Candle Sales Goes to Conservation Efforts to Restore America's Prairies

Drover: Inspired by the ruggedness of the cattle trails that crossed our state - the Drover features notes of leather, tobacco, and cedar to bring that nostalgia of stepping into your grandpa's workshop.

     Top Notes: Tobacco, Leather

     Heart Notes: Bergamot, Juniper, Cedar

     Base Notes: Musk

River Fork: Inspired by the calming rivers around the Southeast corner of our state - the River Fork features notes of juniper, honeysuckle, and rain to bring back those memories casting lines, taking a dip, and escaping the summer heat in some of the most beautiful country.

     Top Notes: Honeysuckle, Rain

     Heart Notes: Bourbon, Juniper

     Base Notes: Amber

Talahina: is a mixture of peach, black currant, pine and rain with a musk tone to tie it together. It's the most sweet fragrance of the mix and has all the notes that would fill a summer afternoon. From creek beds to boats on the lake - this fragrance will take you back to all of your favorite places.

     Top Notes: Peaches, Black Currant

     Heart Notes: Pine, Rain

     Base Notes: Musk

Wildfires: are crucial for our ecosystems. They open up the ground to sunlight for wildflowers and grasses. The decaying matter feeds our soil, making it rich for the new plants to settle in. They're messy and sometimes scary - but wildfires made Oklahoma the rich state it was when it was first discovered by humans all those centuries ago. 

     Top Notes: Lavender, Sage

     Heart Notes: Smoke, Bergamot, Cedar

     Base Notes: Amber



Marisa Schnitz 29-05-2020 20:41

The heart of Oklahoma truly lies within this candle line. I love that this native brand also gives back to the community from every product purchase made.

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