Candle | Talahina

• Made w/ 100% American grown soy
• Poured & assembled in Oklahoma
• Phthalate free, natural fragrance oils
• Reusable/Recyclable metal tin can
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From the maker: "Growing up, my family would go to pick peaches in nearby orchards in Eastern Oklahoma. As a kid, I can remember not wanting to wait and immediately biting into the peaches. I’d create a mess and suddenly, with the summer heat, everything’s sticky. I’d get scolded back to the car, but was it ever worth it. That memory reminds me of Oklahoma summers in general - a little messy but worth the sweet notes."

The Talahina fragrance is a mixture of sour and sweet, made from Peaches and Musk. It’ll take you back to your favorite summertime memories growing up.

• Top: Peaches, Black Currant
• Heart: Pine, Rain
• Base: Musk

IMPACT FACT: 10% of Candle Sales Goes to Conservation Efforts to Restore America's Prairies.

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