Candy | Regal Crown Sour Cherry
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Candy | Regal Crown Sour Cherry

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Imported from England, Regal Crown Sours were a hit with American candy lovers in the 1960s and 70s, ranking in the top 10 of the country’s favorite sweets. Unfortunately, the factory that produced these candies was shut down due to unforeseen circumstances, and fans lamented the loss of the beloved sour discs.

Now you can finally re-experience (or experience for the first time!) the "greatest tasting hard candies ever to be made."

With a satisfying tart and tangy taste, each round, bite-sized cherry flavored disc is individually wrapped to seal in freshness.

Lauryn 09-04-2020 18:30

I love these sour candies!! The more you suck on them the more sour they get, and the cherry flavor is great!!

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