Card Game | Lay Your Cards on the Table

• Boxed set
• 60 cards
• 4.7 x 3.4 inches
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The original version of this game was created for the Dutch documentary “A New Morning.” After watching a project that had young people living in a care home for a year and a half, the filmmakers came up with the idea of putting their findings into a game that could help several generations to start a good conversation.

Lay Your Cards on The Table consists of 60 cards with conversation starters. Choose questions from 3 different categories and you will be having great conversations in no time.

You can play this game with 2 people or more. You can start the conversation by randomly asking or answering some of the questions or, if you need some more guidance, you can use the game rules.

In the end, there really is just one rule: Whatever is discussed on the table, stays there!




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