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Toy Cargo Truck | Natural

• Made with: Sawdust, Walnut Shells, Flax Fiber, Rice Hulls, Coconut Shells
• Food allergy safe
• Dimensions: 6.5” l x 3" w x 4" h
• Weight: 14 oz
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A nine-part puzzle (with all those boxes) that rewards your child with a working cargo truck.

The boxes have lids that come off so you can stash treasure inside. They also stack on top of each other so they can be stacked up and knocked down.

This stem educational toy truck encourages early childhood development of problem solving, creative play, and fine-motor skills in kids aged 3+.


Award-winning, sustainable toys made in Connecticut with maple sawdust reclaimed from U.S. furniture manufacturers.

By incorporating sawdust, Luke’s is able to use 30% less plastic than traditional plastic toys, and instead of being incinerated the sawdust is given a second life, resulting in robust, durable toys with a silky-smooth feel.

Colors are molded in, not painted on, so there's nothing to flake off.

Meets or exceeds all U.S safety standards.

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