Cat Toy | 2-PK | Donut
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Cat Toy | 2-PK | Donut

• Who doesn’t want yummy donuts?
• The 3″ toys are perfect for all cats
• 1 pink & 1 chocolate donut
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Your cats don't care that you think this toy is cute; they like it for all the right reasons.

The Himalayan wool used is not chemically cleansed, so it has a lot of lanolin in it. Lanolin is the natural oil unique to sheep’s wool and it reminds cats of the scent of their mother. Even without catnip or bells, your cat will be naturally engaged.

Using a technique called wet-felting, the only materials used in the making of these toys are pure wool, natural soap and water. Felt toys are colored with non-toxic dyes in an environmentally sustainable, low-impact dying process, using less energy and producing less waste byproduct.

Products are handcrafted by women in Nepal. Your purchase supports these artisans and their families, helps raise them out of poverty, and keeps crafting traditions alive.

Care: The lanolin in the wool is anti-microbial and odor resistant which keeps your pet’s toy naturally clean. If necessary, it can be spot cleaned with a sponge.

Advice for use: This toy is for pets only. It is 100% natural wool, but you should monitor your pet’s behavior with the toy. If they are tearing apart the toy or ingesting the wool, it is not an appropriate toy for your pet.

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