Cheese Board | "Snackgammon" | Checkers/Chess

• 12" x 12 x .75”
• Maple, Food Grade Milled Wood
• Laser Etched Double-sided Backgammon x Checkers & Chess
• Recycled & Biodegradable packaging
• Made in Vermont, USA – Designed in NYC
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Let’s Play with our food! Introducing Snackgammon™ x Checkers/Chess, the new cocktail board game etched into a beautiful piece of Maple

This Board set includes: Care Instructions, Lifetime Guarantee, Player's Guide, Bamboo Pick Set, Dice, DIY cocktail "pieces."

For the pieces, you’ll have to get creative. Play & serve with wooden skewers in both your drinks or nibbles- just choose your pick.

Build an appetizer, cocktail, or make your favorite amuse bouche set for each player. Think cheese cubes, olives, shrimp, quiche, little pickles etc.

Either way you plate the game, the spread can be yours. When a piece is captured – you've been Snack'd! 
Buon Appetito!

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