Baby Clutching Toy | 3 Styles

• 6 months+
• Made in Germany
• Non-toxic, water-based colors
• Sustainable wood
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MAGICA: This hand-crafted colorful clutching, teething, wooden toy is easy to grasp for young children's hands and perfect for babies aged 6 months and up. Wooden shapes threaded on elastic. Measures approximately 4x3.

DALLY: Your little one will be delighted with the this rainbow colored Dilly-Dally clutching toy! Featuring a ring of red, oranges, and yellow, green and blues with plastic rings that move and click together when shaken about! Measures approximately 4x3.

RAINMAKER: When the rattle stick is turned over, the brightly colored rings create a rattling sound similar to that of raindrops falling. Small children can easily hold the toy and will enjoy all of the fascinating sounds it makes. This toy is also great for helping wee ones learn to grasp with their hands and helps foster the child’s sense of rhythm. Measures approximately 4x2.

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