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You don’t know what a Snooter-doot is? Where have you been? Snooter-doots are the perfect felted-wool BFF for the young and the young at heart.

Snooter-doots are uniquely handcrafted, whimsical softies inspired by nature, featuring vegetables, bugs, birds, fish – all with wonderful, wonky eyes.

Call us softies; call us whimsies; call us art-dolls; call us collectibles. Just call us! We have tons of personality, with our own names and birthdays, and we’re looking for good homes.

Snooter-doots are all hand-knit to shape in natural fibers like wool, alpaca, and llama, then stuffed with fiberfill. Our whimsical wool eyes are attached by needle-felting.

Crafted in Seattle, WA

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