Stand for something. It could mean everything.

"There's Plenty" from Chris Fox on Vimeo.

MISSIONWe champion sustainability and hospitality by mindfully sourcing refined goods and fostering memorable gatherings. We use responsible design to deepen our connection to the environment and to each other.

WHY: Commerce is the one and most common entity throughout the entire world. It is the only manmade power with the worldwide infrastructure to disseminate ideals and inseminate change that will move us towards true sustainability. We align with companies who also have a triple bottom line – people, profit and planet.

The word “sustainable” means different things in business and environmental science. In business it means continued growth, often requiring more and more resources to fuel that growth. In Environmental Science, it means conservation and preservation - using less resources. We believe we can help close the gap and we believe business has the power to change the world.

In 2011, we noticed a gap in the marketplace for thoughtfully-made, cost-effective lifestyle goods and gifts, in one place. PLENTY exists to instill confidence that your dollars are directly supporting people making wise choices in the fabrication or impact of their material goods. We have self-imposed purchasing principles which funnel every dollar spent at our store towards good; however, we also approach our process with the understanding that there is no perfectly sustainable product. Yet we know humans are driven to consume and to gift out of an innate desire to connect, thus we’ve created a space where cents meet good sense.



We call the goods we supply “Plentiful” because they meet at least one, if not more, of the following criteria.

PRODUCTION handcraft. lean manufacture. USA. renewable energy.

RESOURCE  rescued. recycled. remnant. locally grown. organic. non-toxic.

SUPPORT buy 1 give 1. philanthropic. marginalized groups. foster culture.

PACKAGING recycled. reusable. biodegradable. compostable. minimal.

DISPOSAL biodegradable. trade in. compostable. refillable. turn-over.


PLENTY Mercantile — How We Source The Products We Stock from Chris Fox on Vimeo.