Keeping Shop

Thank you for considering PLENTY Mercantile a place to spend your time.

PLENTY seeks individuals skilled in the things integral to high-bandwidth collaboration – people who can deconstruct problems on the fly, talk to others as they do so, simultaneously being inventive, iterative, creative, reactive, and kind. We are unafraid of hard work and we move quickly. We hold each other accountable to being our best for our guests and for each other. Kindness, hospitality and professionalism are 3 of our top values.

No matter your focus within our organization, all PLENTY employees begin on the floor as Shopkeepers, responsible for cultivating the warmth of the space, fostering high customer service standards, and seeking efficiency and safety for all aspects of the business. We are all Shopkeepers first.

Full time salaried employees receive 100% paid health benefits including dental and pet insurance. (No full time positions are currently available but we are growing fast and we are excited for the future!)

If there is an available and fitting position, you will hear back with next steps within 10 days of your application submission. If you have not heard back within 10 days, it is likely there is no current or fitting position available but we will absolutely keep your submission for potential future positions.

Many thanks,