Book | Jaylyn & Jaxon | Book 2 | And Then There Were Three

• Printed in the USA
• Illustrated by Koon Vega
• Hardcover, no dust jacket
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The Jaylyn and Jaxon adventures will stir up the imaginations and hearts of every child and parent.

Come along on this next adventure where friendships are made by a simple act of kindness.

Well, there’s no time to waste. One, two, three… Go!

About the authors: These cute characters and fun stories, as told by Pops, began as a way to entertain the grandkids during long car rides. Each grandchild became a unique creature. All the grandkids were soon roaring with laughter and fully entertained with the funny stories about themselves. After years of telling these tales, Oklahoma authors Pops and DiDi had a brilliant idea. These “grand” characters and story lines would become a collection of children’s books.

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