Snack | Toasted Corn Crackers

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• Made in the USA
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Roasted corn cracker is the most traditional one. It has a soft and smoky taste, making it an ideal option to pair with sweet or salty toppings. From PB & J to cream cheese with lox, the options are endless. Perhaps it’s also what's missing from your soups and salads!

Coconut corn cracker pairs perfectly with all nut spreads, banana, honey, and ice cream. This flavor also combines incredibly well with strong cheeses, like goat cheese and brie. If you like trying something new, this coconut cracker will take you to a whole new taste experience.

The Sweet corn cracker pairs extremely well with all spicy toppings, from your favorite hot sauce to a tangy dip. Pro tip: Enjoy it with guacamole, which is the ultimate topping winner. Also delicious as a dessert in yogurts and mixed with blueberries.

The Guava corn cracker is definitely a favorite for sweet snack lovers! This exotic flavor pairs wonderfully with cheese, especially the soft white type. For sweet toppings, dark chocolate spread and ice cream are go-to options.

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