Cutting Board Care Set | Organic

• Made in the USA
• Gift set of 6
• Box size: 22" L x 14" W x 12" H
• Weight: 1.5lbs
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The ultimate set complete with everything you need to protect your cutting board so it will last longer, repel water & stains, prevent cracks, & deter bacteria.

Can be used on charcuterie boards, butcher block counters, salad bowls, wooden utensils, etc.

This set includes:

Organic wood finish* - a unique blend of oils and waxes to keep your cutting board protected from splitting or cracking.

Premium organic wood wax* - creates a silky smooth protective barrier to repel water and stains on your board.

Organic cotton round pads - for applying and buffing of the oil and wax.

Coconut Scrubber - made of sustainable wood & coconut husks, this gentle scrubber will safely clean the stubborn stains on your cutting board.

Fine grit sanding sponge - simply rub this fine sanding sponge over your board to leave it feeling smooth.

“How To Revitalize a Neglected Cutting Board and Keep it Maintained Forever” - step-by-step instructions on how to care for, clean, sanitize, and treat your cutting board so that it stays looking great forever. 

* Ingredients of organic oil and organic wax: organic beeswax, organic carnauba wax, organic walnut oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic wild orange essential oil.

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