Dish Sponges | Cotton + Loofah

• 100% Natural
• Loofah + Cotton
• 7-Pack
• Plastic-Free
• Recyclable cardboard box
• Made in Germany
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PLASTIC-FREE ALTERNATIVE: Dish sponges made of 100% natural loofah & cotton - your plastic-free alternative to conventional dishwashing sponges made of synthetic fibers and foam.

PRACTICAL: 7 small household helpers with practical hanging loop for better drying after each use.

VERSATILE: The sponges can be used in a variety of ways, as their gentle nature means they do not leave any scratches on surfaces - so they are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors for cleaning grills or trimmings.

NATURAL & VEGAN: Made from renewable and sustainable resources - without adhesives, plastics, solvents or materials of animal origin. For a lifestyle as it should be.

STYLISH: In a beautifully designed folding box made of recyclable cardboard to avoid plastic and packaging waste - for a clean environment.

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