E-Cloth | Bathroom Cleaning Pack

* Reduces use of paper towels & harsh cleaners
* E-Cloth + just water removes over 99% of bacteria, mold, pollen & other contaminants
* Eco-friendly & sustainable
* 300-wash guarantee
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The E-Cloth Bathroom Pack is perfect for cleaning all bathroom surfaces, using just water. It is brilliant for cleaning baths, basins, showers, taps, tiles, glass and mirrors.

The pack includes a Bathroom Cloth and a Glass & Polishing Cloth. The Bathroom Cloth's long, highly absorbent fibers remove soap scum, greasy grime and over 99% of bacteria from all areas of the bathroom, using just water. Its thick fluffy fibers enable it to rapidly absorb 7 times its weight in water - and are brilliant for cleaning baths, showers, basins and tiles.

The Glass & Polishing Cloth also removes light grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria. Used after the Bathroom Cloth, while the surface is still damp, it provides a perfect, instant, streak-free finish on all shiny surfaces such as taps, chrome shower controls, glass and mirrors.

A warm rinse is often enough in day to day use. Machine wash regularly at medium temperature, using a little detergent and rinse well.


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