EOTE COFFEE Coffee EOTE | 12oz | Red Pin Drop
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Coffee EOTE | 12oz | Red Pin Drop

Red Pin Drop by EOTE Coffee. This medium roast coffee has notes of Black Cherry, Plum, Chocolate and Molasses.
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Previously: El Salvador LLG Los Torditos Estate

ALTITUDE:1,400 - 1,500 meters
FARMER: Anny Ruth Pimentel
FARM: Loma La Gloria
REGION: El Boquerón, San Salvador Volcano
CUPPING NOTES: Black Cherry, Plum, Chocolate, Molasses
ROAST: Medium


Loma La Gloria is located on the slopes of the San Salvador volcano's crater known as El Boquerón. They are blessed with this location because of the micro-climate, which includes volcanic soil, cool nights, warm sun-filtered through the shade trees and gentle rains.  The farm goes from 1,200 meters up to 1,839 meters at the crater's rim.

Anny Ruth Pimentel says her passion and love for coffee is her daily inspiration. She feels proud of the coffee beans she grows, mills and exports and enjoys being able to take care of every step of the process to assure the quality and trace-ability of the beans.  This Los Torditos Micro lot is also excellent as a single origin espresso. 


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