Flashcards | Variety

• For ages 5 and up
• 48 flash cards
• Cards are 4.5” x 6”
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Good Citizenship: Start a conversation about social interaction! Children learn in early education that they are part of a larger community which creates new opportunities and relationships. These good citizenship skills allow little ones to understand and enjoy a meaningful role in a world larger than themselves. 

Good Manners: The polite Piggie family make manners fun to learn, demonstrating good behavior in familiar situations. One side of each card asks what response is right for a given situation; the reverse offers a good suggestion.

Respect the Earth: Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in these 48 cards that demonstrate answers to questions about relationships with the larger world. For example: Before you recycle containers? Rinse your recyclables!

Votes for Women: These flash cards celebrate 48 great people who contributed to the Suffrage Movement. These brave individuals fought to give women and people of color the right to vote. All men and women are created equal and deserve to be heard. Remember to vote and exercise the right these women and men fought so hard for.

How Am I Feeling?: These conversation cards are used to interpret facial expressions and inspire conversations about what makes us feel the way we do, improving our emotional intelligence. The 48 cards delightfully demonstrate a broad range of emotional fruits and vegetables with no age, race, or gender.


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