Garden Activity Kit | Pollinator Protector

• Wildflower Seed Pop
• Garden Activity Mat
• Pollinator Stickers
• Embroidered Merit Badge
• Additional Wildflower Seed Packet
• Box: 7”w x 7.5"h x 2.5"d
• Made in USA
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Pollinator Protector Activity Kit features a Wildflower Seed Pop that grows a small pollinator-friendly garden.

As the garden grows, the Activity Mat encourages kids to color the flowers they see, and a Sticker Sheet enables them to add pollinators to the Mat.

A Pollinator Protector Merit Badge recognizes the work done to better the planet.

Bees, butterflies & hummingbirds play an integral role in our food supply, & are facing extinction due to modern agriculture practices & use of pesticides.

The need to save our pollinators cannot be overstated. Be a part of the solution and become a pollinator protector today!

Seed Pop and Packet type: Purple Coneflower, Wild Bergamot, Black-Eyed Susan, China Aster, Lanced-Leaved & Plains Coreopsis.

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