Gift Set | Coffee Sampler + Tasting Notes Journal

• Three, 3 oz Coffee Sample Bags
• 1 Coffee Tasting Journal
• Roasted in Nashville, TN, USA
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This set contains sampler bags of three popular coffee blends and a handy coffee tasting journal for true aficionados.

The journal has 42 tasting charts and note pages, a regional flavor profiles map, and a coffee family tree.

It’s the perfect gift for experienced coffee lovers and newbies alike.


CHIN UP is medium-bodied, balanced, approachable and utilitarian. This blend is made up of Latin American coffees and is designed to fit your every need - whether that's for a heavy bodied espresso, a trustworthy batch brew or a velvety smooth iced coffee. Chin Up reminds you that you've come this far and you can keep going. You have everything you need to succeed - starting with a great cup of coffee. We taste dark chocolate and cherry.

HANG TOUGH knows you've got a lot on your plate. This Guatemalan dark roasted blend is as familiar as trustworthy. With tastes notes of dark chocolate and molasses and a full body you'll get the jolt you need to keep keepin' on. 

STAY GOLDEN - This light-bodied, African blend coffee celebrates what we love about coffee - it's bright, fruity, & floral with a nice balance of creaminess and dark chocolate. 

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