Hot Sauce | Hot Winter

• All organic ingredients purchased direct from farmers
• Heirloom peppers create unique flavors in a wide variety of heat levels
• Fermented hot sauce made in Portland, OR, USA
• 5-6 oz
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SPICY Vinegar is blended from the hottest chile varieties. The combination of Bulgarian Carrot, Golden Cayanne, Hinkelhatz and Aji Crystal chiles creates a boldly complex spice. Great for dressings, spicy cocktails, or seasoning meats and veggies.

SMOKY chile vinegar is made from Hot Winter Pepper chiles & garlic. The heat level is robust, but not overwhelming. Flavors are aromatic, briny and piquant. Makes for great margaritas! Can also be used in spritzers, salad dressings, or for brining meats.

HATCH: In a partnership with Los Roast, this fermented Hatch chile sauce was created. Certified New Mexico chiles prepared in the Hot Winter style. A combination of the Arizona 1904 and Lumbre varieties, to create a sauce with an accessible heat and distinctive SW flavor.

BULGARIAN CARROT: For those who prefer a hotter Hot Winter: this sauce blends Bulgarian Carrot with Aji Crystal, for a bold heat with a taste of rich, dark fruit and a full body. Notes of sour cherry and citrus lend a complex flavor.


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