Candy Lemonhead | Single

• 3 cm single-sale sized
• Made in the USA since 1962
• Pucker up!
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Lemonhead is an American brand of candy, first introduced in 1962, produced by the Ferrara Candy Company.

Lemonheads are a round, lemon-flavored candy consisting of a sweet coating, soft sour shell, and a hard candy core.

Inspiration for the Lemonhead name came from Salvatore Ferrara seeing his grandson, Salvatore II, the third generation, after delivery. Salvatore II was a forceps baby and he noted that his new grandson's head was lemon-shaped.

The candy was born out of the same cold panned process as the company's Red Hots in 1962. In this process, layer after layer of sugar and flavors are added until the candy reaches the desired shape and size.

Secret Lemonhead hacks: Relieves nausea during pregnancy & stimulates the appetite.


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