Makeup Remover Pads

• Washable and reusable
• 12x Velvet makeup remover pads
• 4x Terry makeup remover pads
• 1x Cotton laundry bag
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The bamboo makeup remover pads are designed to be soft and durable. They make it possible to avoid disposable cotton pads.

The set includes 4 scrub and 12 soft reusable cotton rounds. The scrub pads are made to clean off tenacious products and softly exfoliate the skin. The softer pads are great for sensitive areas like the eyes. The reusable pads meet all your makeup removal needs.

• Velvet makeup remover pads: 60% bamboo viscose, 20% cotton, 20% polyester
• Terry makeup remover pads: 80% bamboo viscose, 20% cotton


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