How we met: In February of 2015, Tyler and I were both selected to attend an Orientation Leader Conference in St. Louis, Missouri on behalf of our university.  We had spoken before briefly, but only when Tyler commented on the fact that I forgot our orientation meeting was on Halloween and painted my face like a sugar skull (I was 90% sure he would never talk to me again).  When we arrived at the conference banquet, I entered the room late and realized that the only open chair in the room was by Tyler, and I was not setting myself up to be nervous.  As soon as I sat down, he turned on the charm.  By the end of the conference, we had exchanged smiles, laughs, life stories,and, most importantly, phone numbers.  From that day forward, I have never stopped feeling nervous and he has never turned off the charm.  In the three years that we have been together, we have traveled across the world, received our college degrees (something that first-generations never thought possible), moved to the city we have always dreamed of living in, parented a Doberman Pinscher, learned how to love unconditionally, and started our lives together. We could have never made it this far without each other, and I still cannot believe that there is someone in the world that is as weird as I am and as absolutely perfect for me.  We can do ANYTHING, as long as we have our love.  I can't freakin' wait to be married!

What we love about OKC: As individuals, we have both always loved Oklahoma City. As the time neared for our college graduations, we began discussing our future careers and where we wanted to go.  Despite better job offers, as a couple, we could not shake the idea of moving to Oklahoma City.  After months of applying for jobs, I received a phone call about a position in Edmond and we jumped at the chance.  We knew that everything else would fall into place--and it has.  ---Not to mention, we NEVER miss an OKC Thunder game.  There is nothing quite like Loud City and the incredible community support that OKC provides.  As I pursue my Master's in Adult Education, I am focusing on what I love about our community and it is my life goal to utilize my knowledge and passion to help grow the diverse communities in the city that we love. 

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Jessica: I am most looking forward to the moment that I get to turn to Tyler and make him a promise and a commitment in front of those we love.  That is the moment that I will know that it is not all a dream.

Tyler: I'm most looking forward to seeing my beautiful bride walk down the aisle and into my arms.

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