How we met: Daryl and I had a good old fashioned Twitter romance. I tweeted something Thunder related and Daryl came across it from several states away. He lived in Minnesota at the time. It was mostly an embarrassing conversation on my part because it wasn't one of my best tweets but he slid into my DMs and we talked everyday. During this time he also moved from Minnesota to Hawaii. Seven months later we finally met face to face after I convinced him to come to Oklahoma to take me on a date. We have been together ever since the day he pulled up to take me on our first date in a tiny Chevy Spark smart car, the last car on the lot apparently. I showed him the best of OKC; We went to the Wedge, then to the Mule and wandered around the Plaza for a nightcap at Saints. I am pretty positive I have seen his face everyday since that day!

What we love about OKC: We love having a front row seat to the renaissance that is taking place here. This city is growing faster than we can keep up with and it's something we are proud to show off when our friends and family visit from out of state and it's happening in large part because the people that live here are invested in their home. That is special and super important to us as we raise our family. We also love the all the breweries popping up everywhere and Russell Westbrook (and the rest of the Thunder, but really really love Westbrook!). Also, have you seen our sunsets? 

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Kristie: I've been married to Daryl in my heart since October 27th, 2012. You may know this as the day the Thunder traded James Harden to the Rockets and simultaneously the Sooners were getting whooped by Notre Dame... also known as not a great night for this Thunder/Sooner lover. He made it all better by asking this girl, who was absolutely smitten with him, to be his girlfriend. In the 5 years we've been together and the 2.5 years we've been engaged I have said I do in my head and my heart so many times but life has kept happening and kept us from having a proper ceremony. Adult braces, losing jobs, buying a house, having a baby... the timing has never been on our side. Now, at the time of this proposed wedding date I will be 7 months pregnant with baby #2 so we will in no way be a traditional engaged couple getting married but I think it represents our love so well. There will never be a right time or a good time at this point but the thing I look forward to most, is just saying I DO! outloud, in front of our babies, our family and friends (and dogs if it's that kind of party) so the whole world knows the commitment we've had to each other, everyday, especially when things never went as planned.

Daryl: I am most looking forward to being able to verbalize my unconditional love for Kristie to our family and friends. Kristie has been an incredible partner, mother, and best friend in the six years I have known her. She has challenged me to dream big in creating a better, brighter future for our family. She has stuck by my side, encouraging me, through my growing pains as a boyfriend, father, and in my career. Being able to share the blessing she been in my life in a public forum is a moment I will forever cherish.


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