How we met: We met while attending Ottawa University in Kansas. Krysten was a flyer on the cheer team, while Tanner was a pitcher on the baseball team. While we were attending Ottawa University together, we hadn't officially started dating yet, because we both knew that Krysten planned on moving home to OKC the next year for nursing school. Since we both knew that we wouldn't be at school together any more we didn't want to get too serious, because that would only make saying goodbye tougher, especially since Tanner would be going to Alaska to work for the summer. However, our plans were changed only a few days after saying goodbye in Ottawa when the spring semester ended.  While Krysten headed home to OKC, Tanner drove north to Fairbanks, AK, and we didn't speak for that entire 5 day period until Tanner reached Fairbanks. We both realized during those 5 days that we NEEDED each other, and that what had been growing during our 9 months together at Ottawa was true love. Once Tanner returned from Alaska 3 months later, we made things official and started dating for real.  For the next year and a half, we had a long-distance relationship, while Krysten was attending nursing school at home in OKC, and Tanner was continuing his baseball career at Ottawa University. This was probably the toughest year and a half of each of our lives, but by staying in constant contact through text, calls, facetime calls, and frequent trips to see each other we got through that tough time. Once Tanner graduated from Ottawa University in December of 2016, he found a job at St. Gregory's University and moved to OKC, and we got our first house together. Just three months later on March 5th of 2017, Tanner popped the big question and Krysten said "YES!" We have been happily engaged for almost 11 months now, and we cannot wait to say 'I DO!" We have had a long 3 1/2 year long journey together, but after all we've been through since then, we've only grown stronger as a couple and more and more in love each day.  

What we love about OKC: The thing we love most about living in OKC is Krysten's amazing family! Krysten's entire family lives in the OKC area, and it's such a close, and loving group that we love to spend as much time with as possible.  Tanner's immediate family is pretty small and is located in Kansas, but Tanner also has many friends, that are just like family to him in Alaska and the Midwest. Whenever Tanner's family comes and visits in OKC we always find fun activities to do, such as going to Thunder games, playing Top Golf, going to the Water Sports complex, trying out new and fun places to eat and drink, and just exploring OKC in general.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Krysten: Krysten is most looking forward to being one with Tanner and our beautiful families. I truly knew that Tanner was the one when I met him, it took a while for me to completely submit myself to him,  I realized when he never once left my side as I was preparing myself for a committed relationship. I am SO looking forward to 'officially' becoming a Shoemaker at last. It will be a blast celebrating our day with all the ones we love dearly. I couldn't be more happy to spend the rest of my life with Tanner Jay Shoemaker.

Tanner: Tanner is most looking forward to bringing our two families together. He loves Krysten's family and can't wait to officially be a member of it, even though they have already made him feel that he's already been accepted as a member. Bringing all of our friends and family together for our special day will be incredible and so filled with love. It'll truly be the best/happiest day of Tanner's life so far. ALSO,Tanner will officially get to call Krysten his wife, which will be a dream come true!

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