Stand for something. It could mean everything.

The purpose of Plenty Mercantile is to provide life and style products that convey a strong sense of origin, process, and authenticity. To provide goods in some way to improve the quality, experience, and need of life. To serve wholeheartedly; offering an experience that is memorable and desirable. To educate and share. To inspire creativity in thought and action. To feed the soul and stimulate the mind.  

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PLENTY. It doesn't mean plenty of things. For us, it’s that full feeling in your heart when you walk into your family's home or when the whole family is gathered around the dinner table. It’s knowing that not only is there enough to go around, there is always plenty. 

Mercantile. Simply because we couldn't decide what we didn't want to carry! We supply a little of a lot of wonderful goods made around the world with care and intention.

Little Red. Our building downtown is home to the original Scott-Chevrolet Dealership in Automobile Alley of downtown Oklahoma City. We knew this was home when we pulled up to look at the space in our 1957 red Chevy Pick-Up with our new PLENTY logo already on the side. You could say, we took that as a sign.


Purchase with Principle

It is our belief there is an innate human desire to leave something better than it was found.  We believe business can save the world. We align with companies that desire to do the same by seeking partnerships that provide socially, ethically, and-or environmentally developed goods and-or causes. All goods meet one, often multiple, of the following criterion. 


handcraft. lean manufacture. USA. renewable energy.


rescued. recycled. remnant. locally grown. organic. non-toxic.


buy 1 give 1. philanthropic. veteran support. foster culture.


recycled. reusable. biodegradable. compostable. minimal.


biodegradable. trade in. compostable. refillable. turn over. 

Founding Shopkeepers


Traci Walton

She is Mother PLENTY. The unspoken soul of the shop is a direct extension of the overwhelming warmth you feel as you enter her home in Edmond, Oklahoma. One of utter content and intention - the feeling that There Is Always PLENTY. Traci is mother to Co-Owner Brittney as well as four others who are all on their last legs of school. She's one of those rare people that truly make you trust how good people are and how great you can be.

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Brittney Matlock

With degrees in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Sustainability from Oklahoma State University, she was a first “hybrid” of business and eco principles at the University. When she looks at nature, she sees process and adaption. She believes business should learn from nature - she believes we can. While analyzing for investors in Boston, she found retail to be a laggard in sustainability performance against all other sectors of industry. She saw a need. And then came PLENTY Mercantile.

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Chris England

Father of two young ones, and proprietor of two business ventures, Chris is always on the go. He's a "creative" - in the absolute best way. Not only is he creative, he creates. Chris has spent some serious time in the hospitality and restaurant industry, but don't let his great hair fool you - he's from Buffalo, Oklahoma where he grew up raising cows and showing pigs. If you like to watch someone "in their element" - come see Chris as he maneuvers candles and arranges art and designs displays for the shop. It is most impressive.

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Shopkeepers of PLENTY



Operations Manager + Co-Owner




Shopkeeper + Event Assistant



Shopkeeper + E-Commerce




Shopkeeper + Rising Singing Star



Shopkeeper + Interior Designer



Shopkeeper + Interior Designer 











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