Stand for something. It could mean everything.

MISSION: We champion sustainability and hospitality by mindfully sourcing refined goods and fostering memorable gatherings. We use responsible design to deepen our connection to the environment and to each other.

WHY: Commerce is the one and most common entity throughout the entire world. It is the only manmade power with the worldwide infrastructure to disseminate ideals and inseminate change that will move us towards true sustainability. We align with companies who also have a triple bottom line – people, profit and planet.

The word “sustainable” means different things in business and environmental science, we have learned. In business it means continued growth, often requiring more and more resources to fuel that growth. In Environmental Science, it means conservation and preservation - using less resources. We believe we can help close the gap and we believe business has the power to change the world.

In 2011, we noticed a gap in the marketplace for thoughtfully-made, cost-effective lifestyle goods and gifts, in one place. Consumers are often confused by “greenwashed” products – a term used to define when a company indirectly brands themselves or their product to seem eco-friendly via a green leaf or an organic font or color scheme. Marketers have hitched their ride to the public’s desire to spend responsibly and often they succeed. PLENTY exists to remove such hesitance and instill confidence that your dollars are directly supporting people making wise choices in the fabrication or impact of their material goods. We have self-imposed purchasing principles which funnel every dollar spent at our store towards good; however, we also approach our process with the understanding that there is no perfectly sustainable product. In fact, the absence of a product is the most sustainable product. (That’s why REDUCE is the first of the 3 R’s in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.) Yet we know humans are driven to consume and to gift out of an innate desire to connect, thus we’ve created a space where cents meet good sense. We purchase from for-profit makers and companies making sustainable decisions whilst not creating a cost-prohibitive product. The world manufacturing infrastructure just isn’t set up to create 100% sustainable consumables. Yet. Right now it is about trade-off decisions and our hope is that by supporting these types of decisions and processes, the demand will increase which in turn will drive down costs of shopping responsibly. 


We call the goods we supply “Plentiful” because they
meet at least one, if not more, of the following criteria.

 | handcraft. lean manufacture. USA. renewable energy.

RESOURCE | rescued. recycled. remnant. locally grown. organic. non-toxic.

 | buy 1 give 1. philanthropic. Marginalized groups. foster culture.

 | recycled. reusable. biodegradable. compostable. minimal.

DISPOSAL | biodegradable. trade in. compostable. refillable. Turn-over.

The products we supply and celebrate have been made with care and intention and can translate into a higher retail price due to the higher costs associated with that process. For example, sustainable ingredients aren’t as readily available so they are more expensive and paying fabricators a living wage in a safe environment increases costs, as opposed to the norm in mass fabrication (unsafe and inhumane working conditions and highly processed, non-recyclable materials.) 


PLENTY. It doesn't mean plenty of things. For us, it’s that full feeling in your heart when you walk into your family's home or when the whole family is gathered around the dinner table. It’s knowing that not only is there enough to go around, there is always plenty. 

Mercantile. Simply because we couldn't decide what we didn't want to carry! We supply a little of a lot of wonderful goods made around the world with care and intention.

The Red Truck. Our building downtown is home to the original Scott-Chevrolet Dealership in Automobile Alley of downtown Oklahoma City. We knew this was home when we pulled up to look at the space in our 1957 red Chevy Pick-Up with our new PLENTY logo already on the side. You could say, we took that as a sign.

Founding Shopkeepers


Traci Walton

From her came the unspoken soul of the shop - it is a direct extension of the overwhelming warmth you feel as you enter her home in Edmond, Oklahoma. One of utter content and intention - the feeling that There is PLENTY. Traci is mother to Co-Owner Brittney as well as four others who are all on their last legs of school. She's one of those rare people that truly make you trust how good people are and how great you can be.

Walton Family from CHOATE HOUSE ( on Vimeo

Brittney Matlock

With degrees in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Sustainability from Oklahoma State University, she was a first “hybrid” of business and eco principles at the University. When she looks at nature, she sees process and adaption. She believes business should learn from nature - she believes we can. While analyzing for investors in Boston, she found retail to be a laggard in sustainability performance against all other sectors of industry. She saw there a definite opportunity to bring responsibly sourced goods to a local level. 

Joy Homes OK at Verbode - 610 NW 17th St. from CHOATE HOUSE ( on Vimeo.

 Shopkeepers of PLENTY



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Event Venue Manager



Inventory Specialist + E-Commerce



Visual Merchandising


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