The Rooftop at PLENTY is a 2,300 square foot, lit, uncovered, open floor plan space with Interior/exterior stair access only, accommodating up to 150 persons. 

The Warehouse at PLENTY is a 1,800 square foot, lit, climate-controlled, raw space with Broadway Ave and rear alley access, accommodating up to 90 persons.

The Rooftop & The Warehouse work wonderfully when rented together, but are not mutually exclusive. Separate events are not held simultaneously. The person capacity does compound when both spaces are rented together for a total of 240 persons, but the limits per space still remain. Both the warehouse and rooftop are outfitted with many of our favorite and functional pieces and additional PLENTY-Picked props are available for on-site rental.

[Direct Event Line | 405.778.5949]

Venue Packages

Pricing ranges between $150.00 - $4850.00 Parameters, specifics and requirements apply to each individually.
Please fill out our EVENT FORM for further details!
  • Standard Event [6 hours]
  • One-Day Wedding [10 hours]
  • Two-Day Event [6 hours/12 hours]
  • Shower Package [3 hours]
  • Luncheon Package [3 hours]
  • Rooftop Proposal [2 hours]
  • Photoshoot [1 hour]

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