How we met: Justin & I met in middle school, acquaintances for a while before he started hanging out with some of my friends. I fell quick, putting myself at the boys table at lunch every day so I could talk to the blue eyed, ball player. After months of friendly stalking I got my all-time favorite text message, it read “what would you say if I asked you to be my girlfriend?”. Knowing how hard it must have been for the perfectly quiet 8th grader, I jumped at the opportunity and replied “YES!”. Because of those silly, after-my-bedtime text messages our lives have been forever changed, celebrating EIGHT years this coming March. The last four have been long distance with me at the University of Oklahoma and him playing baseball the first two years of college in Arkansas City, Kansas and now finishing up his degree at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although it’s been a struggle we have worked hard as a team to make time together a priority even if it’s dinner and with four of his roommates. We have grown up with one another and we are thrilled to see what the future holds.

What we love about OKC: OKC for us is home. The town where we first took couples photos, in eighth grade, to countless thunder games, movie nights, fancy dinners and concerts. It’s where we saw JB and danced the night away on my 17th birthday, it’s where we spent both our junior and senior proms. Oklahoma City holds numerous memories for us that have helped write our love story. It’s a place that we will each cherish forever because of these times and for that we would LOVE the opportunity to get married in the heart of it.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Reilly: My wedding day – a day I have dreamed about since as long as I can remember. For me, I am elated to be Justin’s wife. The title means so much to me after years of being introduced as a girlfriend but feeling like much more than that. I cannot wait until he sees me in my dress, neither of us emotional but a day that has been prayed for this long may bring some change. I am looking forward to celebrating my love for my partner in life and being surrounded by the ones who have supported us through our years of dating – the first two of which we couldn’t even drive. What brings me the most joy is knowing that this day will bring tons of new adventures with my best friend. 

Justin: I am most excited about starting my life with my best friend. I have been looking forward to this day since I asked her to be my girlfriend almost eight years ago. This past December I was able to ask her the question of a lifetime during our favorite time of the year, the look on her face is something I will remember for the rest of my life. The happiest day of my life until the day I get to marry her, the love of my life, my forever and always.

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