Pecha Kucha Speaker Submission

In 2003, yearning for “More show. Less tell,” two architects invented PechaKucha which means Chit Chat in Japanese. The initial purpose: to streamline long design presentations. Sessions soon morphed into happenings: PechaKucha Nights -- first in Tokyo, then around the world. Today, more than 50,000 people present at 1,100+ global PechaKucha Nights every year. And the number keeps exploding. Today schools and business use PechaKucha to creatively and effectively engage students and employees on a range of subject matters. The presentation format is called 20x20 where the Presenter creates a slide deck that auto-progresses every 20 seconds for them to speak along with for a total of a 6 minute and 40 second presentation. The night is meant to bring people of different backgrounds and interests together to learn about something new. The Presenter can speak on whatever they choose!

The Oklahoma City Chapter of Pecha Kucha kicked off in 2013 and we'd love to continue hosting it in Downtown OKC, but we need help sourcing enthusiastic people from around the city and even the state to diversify and continue providing an unprecedented and comfortable environment for lifelong learners.

Our next event is at PLENTY Mercantile in Downtown OKC on July 29th with Snacks & Drinks beginning at 6:00pm and Presentations at 6:30pm.