A beautifully modern perfume.
Elegant tinted glass vessel with opulent accents, perfect for showcasing on a vanity.
Packaged in a soft-touch sliding box, equally playful and luxurious.
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(woody) a warm, delicately spiced vanilla blend with subtle notes of cedar and bergamot

Black Fig & Vetiver:
(fresh) this alluring mix of peppery cedar, vetiver, and pomelo is sweetened with black fig and a touch of rose

Eucalyptus Santal:
(woody) with a burst of eucalyptus and cucumber, this lush medley is grounded with a base of santal

Sea Salt Plumeria:
(fresh) bright notes of sea salt atop an aromatic base of driftwood

Lavender & Sage:
(fresh) a sophisticated mix of fresh herbs, soft musk, and a hint of vanilla

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