Pinot Grigio
Pinot Noir
Sauv Blanc
Mimosa (Spring only)
Sangria (Summer only)
Spiked Cider (Fall only)
Wine Under The Tree (Winter only)
Vinho Verde
Chenin Blanc


$ 28.99 X

Reduce, reuse, recycle – a great motto to live by. One company that is doing their part for the environment is Rewined. The premise is simple:

Charleston-based Rewined collects recycled wine bottles, cuts off the tops, fills them with wax and voilà – a gorgeous candle made from something that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Only the best all-natural premium soy wax and custom-blended fragrances are used to create their signature, wine-scented candles. The candle gets the finishing touch of a color-coded wax seal and signature of its maker. 

Sit back...relax...and Rewined.

60 hour burn time, 11 oz., made in USA

Rose: rose petal, white peach, pink peppercorn, crisp minerality

Cabernet: black cherry, currants, smoke, toast

Champagne: white grape, honey, bread, light citrus

Chardonnay: vanilla, butter, toast, hazelnut, cedar wood

Pinot Grigio: sandalwood, strong citrus, crisp minerality

Pinot Noir: fresh fig, cranberry, leather, violet, musk

Sauv Blanc: basil, mint, freshly-mown grass, grapefruit

Reisling: Asian pear, tropical fruits, ripe citrus, honey, light florals

Merlot: violet, rose, pomegranate, plum, vanilla

Mimosa: champagne effervescence, freshly squeezed oranges

Sangria: ripe mandarin orange, pineapple, cranberry, a dash of cinnamon

Spiked Cider: apple, cinnamon, clove, butter, dark rum

Wine Under the Tree: blue spruce, bright citrus


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