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Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion is an all-natural, gluten-free Bloody Mary Seasoning.

From the makers in Seaside, Florida: "The American Chemistry Society called the Bloody Mary “the most chemically complicated cocktail in the world, the Mount Everest of cocktails.” While researching what was meant by this claim, we found that tomato juice is so acidic that when it sits in a bottle, particularly a plastic bottle, with other spices it changes the chemical make-up and therefore the taste of the other spices. This is why a homemade Bloody Mary is so superior to one made with a mix. Whodini Sisters took these facts very seriously while developing their delicious recipe. Whodini Sisters Potion is NOT a Bloody Mary mix. It is a Bloody Mary Seasoning that is All-Natural and Gluten-Free.

The key to the unsurpassed flavor of the potion is that the tomato juice is not added until just before serving. This allows all the various spices and flavors to remain distinctive and be savored individually in the cocktail. Many who have tasted The Whodini Potion actually comment on how they can taste each spice and each flavor. This is particularly important to the aspiring mixologist. The Bloody Mary should always be stirred not shaken and served on ice. This makes the Whodini just about perfect!"

12 oz. bottle

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