Mega Thinking Putty | Super Scarab

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Crazy Aaron's MEGA tin contains one full pound of genuine thinking putty! Sure to mesmerize in this extra-large size, Illusions Thinking Putty shifts colors before your eyes. Grab huge handfuls, sculpt something epic, or gather a crowd around the table so everyone can play. Crazy Aaron’s MEGA tins are perfect for families, parties, and anyone who wants to think big. 

You'll love having a tin of Super Scarab that's FIVE TIMES the size of a regular tin. Inspired by the beautiful, iridescent scarab beetle revered by ancient Egyptians, Super Scarab Thinking Putty is a modern marvel that's sure to leave you as spellbound as its namesake.  

Each tin includes one FULL POUND of Super Scarab Thinking Putty.

Made in the USA

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