Puzzle | 1000pc | Classic Paperbacks

• Puzzle size: 25 x 20”
• Giftable box: 8.4 x 11.4 x 2.5”
• Virtually no puzzle dust
• Printed with no-glare, non-toxic inks
• Thick & sturdy pieces
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The CLASSIC PAPERBACKS 1000 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE features artist Richard Baker's paintings of illustrated editions of classic 20th-century books.

Featuring iconic books from the literary canon: poetry, memoir, fiction, and nonfiction.

Including works by Emily Dickinson, Richard Wright, Sandra Cisneros, and Susan Sontag, among other literary luminaries.

These vintage paperbacks feature both classic and retro-cool mid-century modern design.

Each book “portrait” features well-loved paperbacks that have been read time and again - and their tattered covers prove it.

The fun, challenging puzzle is a great conversation starter - everyone has stories about these books.

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