Seed Mix Packets (Variety)

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Pollinator Petal Patch: Provide refuge for pollinators! Art pack, 500 seeds. This beckoning mix contains pollinator beacons of: New England aster, plains coreopsis, penstemon, Indian blanket, evening primrose, wild bergamot, milkweed, and Ohio spiderwort. 5 - 25 days to germination. 75 - 365 days to maturity.

Wild Arugula Greens: Smaller, punchier, and hardier than standard arugula, the wild strain is beautiful and delicious. Art pack, 250 seeds. Days to germination: 3 to 10 days. Days to maturity: 30 to 50 days

Metta Lettuce: A mix of colors and textures for baby leaf lettuce. Enjoy all season long. Direct sow. Art pack, 250 seeds. This mix includes some favorite lettuces, that all produce a baby leaf together: flashy butter oak, rouge d'hiver, buttercrunch bibb, tango, and hyper-red rumpled wave.

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